ESN Odense organises different events. This can be social gatherings, cultural or educational events. We organise cafe evenings with bingo, karaoke and quizes. We organise cultural events, like for example an event where you experience Danish birthday traditions, or make typical Danish Christmas decorations. Every semester they organise an international dinner were more then 10 different countries cook some of their traditional food for the students.


ESN Odense organises various trips during the semester. Participating in these trips gives you the oppertunity to visit others cities and aread in Denmark. We organise  various daytrips, weekend trips and weektrips. The trips always include transportation and accomodation, depending on the trip we also include dinners, breakfast and activities.

ESN Odense organises trips to for example: Copenhagen, Skagen, Arhus. We also organise trips abroad, for example, the Seabattle (a trip on a cruise ship) and trips to Lapland! :)


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