Are you ready to experience Dinner in the dark? – A normal dinner with your friends, except you won´t be able to see anything?

The event is part of the „ESN Social Inclusion Days” which offer the opportunity to get a slight impression of how the world looks to people with handicaps.

Basically, you will have a cozy dinner and a beer like every other night. But this time you will be blindfolded and not able to see lights, lamps, phones or even the people sitting across from you.

Experience the world from a completely new perspective, having to trust your other senses.

To make it even more exciting you won´t know what exactly you will be served. But you can choose between a vegetarian or non-vegetarian option when you sign up. Allergies will also be taken into account.

For the extra adventurous we will prepare a small tasting competition – let´s find out how much you can trust your sense of taste ;-)

The Participation fee is 70 DDK. It includes the food and 1 free drink.

The ticket sale is open! You can get your ticket online: or at the ESN office.

As always, a valid ESNcard will be needed to join this event.

25/04/2018 - 19:00 to 23:55