Can I join your activities and trips if I am not a (Erasmus) student?
Yes, you can. Everybody who is interested in joining ESN Odense is welcome. You don't have to be an (exchange) student to purchase an ESNcard.

Can I join your activities and trips if I don't have an ESNcard?
The ESNcard is a membership card of ESN. With the ESNcard you can join all our events and it gives you great discounts worldwide. You can read more about the ESNcard here.

How do I get an ESNcard? 
You can purchase an ESNcard during the Orientation Days or at our office during opening hours. 

Which discounts can I get in Odense?
Have a look at our Partners and find out more about the local discounts with ESNcard. 

How do I get a ticket for an event or trip?
For most of our events and trips we sell tickets both online and in our office. We will announce ticket sales in our Facebook events and try to ensure that everyone has the chance to come to our office on the first day. International trips are mostly realized with external partners, which does not allow us to offer you the chance to pay the ticket in our office. You need to pay in the way that is explained in the event description of the trip.

I would like to volunteer for ESN Odense, is that possible?
Of course! Have a look at the section 'Join ESN' to read more about possibilities to become  a volunteer as a Buddy,  an Active Member or a Board member.

Is your question not answered here? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your question!