The Ticket sales will open on 12th of September at 16:00h.
This is how you get your ticket:

1. Wait until 12th of September at 16:00h
2. Go to http://sales.seabattle.se
3. Enter the section code for ESN Denmark which is "1000"
4. Do the booking and pay with your credit card
5. Done

You need a valid ESNcard during the booking process!

If you have any issues with the acceptance of your credit card, neither ESN Odense nor ESN Denmark is able to help you. Try a friend's card and hope that it works, or contact the Swedish support! :)

Are you ready to RAVE THE SEA!?

The ESN Sea Battle invites all Vikings on board for another legendary event!

What is the ESN Sea Battle?

The ESN Sea Battle is an international cruise between Stockholm, Sweden, and Tallinn, Estonia. The event is organized by ESN Sweden and is attended by 1800 international students from 4 ESN countries (ESN Denmark, ESN Lithuania, ESN Norway and ESN Sweden). It is the biggest ESN event in Europe, uniting students from multiple ESN countries on one cruise ship on the Baltic Sea!

At the ESN Sea Battle, you will visit two European capitals. You will experience a number of different activities; live shows, karaoke, crazy games, Salsa dance lessons, dance the famous ESN Sea Battle dance, theme parties on multiple dance floors and bars, competitions, buffet dinner (all you can eat and drink), sauna, and much, much more... Don’t miss the chance to experience one of the most legendary ESN events!

One ticket will cost 2.300 SEK (approx. 1.800 DKK) and will include:
- Transportation from Odense to Stockholm (There & Back)
- Breakfast on the journey to Stockholm
- Stay in Stockholm + Breakfast + Access to the pre-event
- Tickets for ESN Sea Battle
- 1 All-you-can-eat(&drink)-dinner ticket on the 1st night of the cruise
- Epic ESN Denmark Vikings T-shirt
- Viking helmet
- Drinks in the bus!

- 11th of November: Departure from Odense and Copenhagen
- 12th of November: Pre-event in Stockholm
- 13th-15th November: ESN Sea Battle
- 15th of November: Return to Odense and Copenhagen


More information will follow asap!

*There will be 52 tickets, once sold out, there won't be any tickets available for ESN Denmark!

*We cannot reimburse tickets. Be aware to use the section code that we will provide to you - They include the right prices and the right destinations! This will be given at the opening of the sales.

*You need an ESNcard to participate!

11/11/2017 - 22:00 to 15/11/2017 - 23:30
Dannebrogsgade, 5000 Odense C, Danmark