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General Meeting 24/3/2021

Annoncement of General Meeting Agenda – ESN Odense


Opened at XX:XX


  1. Appointment of a Meeting Chairman and Minutes Taker 
  1. Annual report from the board 
  • Will be added by the treasurer Christian 
  1. ESN Odense during 2020 
    1. Hardly hit by Corona => less opportunities than normally
    2. Tried to do the best out of the situation (physical events in the way they were allowed & online events)
    3. Online events were not the greatest success
    4. Physical events (escape game, scavenger hunt) were great success
    5. Cooperation with SDU International ongoing, high support in everything we are doing (match your christmas buddies, etc)
    6.  Less students that came to Odense (much less students from overseas) 
    7. Very challenging for all of us to keep the motivation high (also due to the small board)
  1. Election of Board Members (Candidates):
    1. Chris Kearns Madden
    2. Dāvis Vītoliņš
    3. Diana Marie Ricafranca Jensen
    4. Emil Birch Christensen

Not up for vote as mandate is still ongoing: 

President: Anna Hupe (Mandate until September 2021)

Vice-President & Active member coordinator: Caroline Stæger-Holst (Mandate until September 2021) 

Treasurer: Christian Rømhild (Mandate until September 2021)

Open Positions:

Local Representative (LR): 

Communication Manager: 

Regular Board Member: 

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